Yadini Coffee Estate

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About Yadini Coffee Estate

Yadini Coffee Estate is located near Ruiru Township in Thika District, Kenya. Approximately 80 hectares - out of 151 hectares in total - of the farm are used for growing Arabica coffee. Yadini employs a total of 23 permanent employees and 107 contracted seasonal workers. During the coffee picking period up to 300 casual employees are recruited. The estate houses 70 workers within the farm; the majority comes from the neighboring villages.

Taking care of our coffee and the environment

Yadini Estate has well-conserved forest patches with both indigenous and exotic trees. In addition, we have planted coffee shade trees within the estate to improve biodiversity within the farm. The use of shade trees also contributes to the quality of our coffee.
We use appropriate cultivation techniques like mulching to ensure that the soil structure is improved and maintained. To prevent soil erosion we use of wash control pits dug across the slopes and blue grass strips planted across the slopes. We have minimized the use of agrochemicals by better agricultural practices like pruning and mulching and biological means.

Training of our people

The farm has trained at least one first aid provider for every work section of the estate. Workers who may come in contact with any dangerous or complex equipment during work have had adequate training and protective clothing. The training includes safe and effective use of chemicals for the sprayer men and tractor boom sprayer drivers. The management of the farm has facilitated the existence of a welfare committee that is responsible of monitoring, communicating and reporting issues affecting the workers welfare and performance to management. The farm has an estate van which transports workers to the nearby hospital in case of emergency. The management of the farm supports freedom of association.

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